Tyre service

We change the tyres and balance them. Maybe we are not the fastest or the cheapest tyre shop in the neighbourhood….but you will feel the difference of well balanced wheels when you get over 130km/hr and suddenly stop feeling the speed – no vibrations, no noise….. just enjoying the ride. Then you will remember where …

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Engine Repair

We are equipped and ready to carry even extensive difficult motor and mechanical repairs. We have got space, time and skills. Yes, it is a dirty and tiring proces but we still like it and delivery the top results. Guaranteed.


It usually starts with an orange check light on your dashboard….or your engine starts missing the beat here and then…starting problems etc….for modern engine you need a modern diagnostic technology. Just drive in, we plug you in and see all the old and new engine problems. Thanks to our experience we are able to understand …

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Timing belt replacement

It is not a very frequent work…but a very important one…the change interval is set by the manufacture or recommended by an experienced engineer who makes this assumption based on your engine problems. The work takes one day, is not cheap – but it is nothing compare to possible costs caused by hesitating to have …

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